May Message From Pastor Gary “It’s Friday – but Sunday’s A-comin’!”

don’t know about you, but I felt our church worshiped, exalted, praised, and celebrated, to the best of our abilities this Easter Season. United, we stepped up and worshiped each week as we inched closer to Holy Week.

It was wonderful meeting together with so many of you each Wednesday night; one week I counted 32 people! On Maundy Thursday, 30 of us gathered in our sanctuary as we worshiped through a wonderful communion service, sensing the denial, cowardice, hate, brutality, suffering, despair, defeat, and eventual darkness of death. On Good Friday, 22 of us celebrated the cross, Christ’s greatest victory, celebrating that our story does not end at the cross!

All I could think of was S. M. Lockridge’s famous line from his sermon “It’s Friday, but Sunday’s Coming!” Lockridge was a prominent African-American preacher known for his dynamic, passionate, and fervent sermons. As you read this, just remember that regardless of what today brings. Regardless of today’s problems, challenges, or defeats, just remember that Sunday’s coming!

It’s Friday – Jesus is praying – Peter’s a-sleepin’ – Judas is betraying – But Sunday’s comin’. It’s Friday – Pilate’s struggling – The council is conspiring – The crowd is vilifying. They don’t even know – that Sunday’s comin’. It’s Friday – The disciples are running like sheep without a shepherd – Mary’s crying. Peter is denying – But they don’t know, that Sunday’s a-comin’. It’s Friday – The Romans beat my Jesus – They robe him in scarlet. They crown him with thorns – but they don’t know, that Sunday’s comin’. It’s Friday – See Jesus walking to Calvary – His blood dripping – His body stumbling. And his spirit’s burdened – But you see, it’s only Friday, Sunday’s comin’. It’s Friday – The world’s winning – People are sinning – And evil’s grinning. It’s Friday -The soldiers nail my Savior’s hands to the cross – They nail my Savior’s feet to the cross – And then they raise him up next to criminals – It’s Friday – But let me tell you something: Sunday’s comin’. It’s Friday – The disciples are questioning what has happened to their King – And the Pharisees are celebrating that their scheming has been achieved – But they don’t know It’s only Friday – Sunday’s comin’. It’s Friday – He’s hanging on the cross – Feeling forsaken by his Father – Left alone and dying, Can nobody save him? Ooooh It’s Friday – But Sunday’s comin’. It’s Friday – The earth trembles – The sky grows dark – My King yields his spirit. It’s Friday. – Hope is lost. – Death has won. – Sin has conquered, and Satan’s just a laughin’ It’s Friday – Jesus is buried – A soldier stands guard – And a rock is rolled into place. But it’s Friday – It is only Friday – Sunday is a-comin’!

Sunday morning came – Resurrection Sunday- what a glorious day! Over twenty gathered at Morton’s Pond for our sunrise service, while over 70 gathered for our Easter service. Celebrate! Celebrate, and don’t take anything in your life for granted, not a minute or a day, a loved one or the freedom we have to worship openly together. Remember, regardless of what each day brings, regardless of any challenges, or defeats, remember, just remember, whose you are!

It may be Friday, but thanks be to God that Sunday’s a-comin’!

In Christ, Pastor Gary

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