Women’s Ministries for October

Women Ministries events are for all women of the church and their friends. Ditty Bags for Seafarers Mission Please help Women Ministries in October to fill Christmas gift bags to give to the seafarers who come into the port of Boston. Requested items are: Hats (knit or store bought), Socks (white or black crew socks), Combs, Nail clippers, Warm gloves, … Read More

Youth Groups For October 2022

Pathfinders is for students in Grades 1-3. The group generally meets on the third and fourth Sundays of the month, 4-6 p.m. Leaders are Linda Lawrence (lindae0824@gmail.com or 860 283-8726) and Brenda Tousignant (203 232-1525 or soxj269@aol.com). 10/16 4:00 Regular meeting Trailblazers is for students in Grades 4-6. Trailblazers leaders are Jessica Bedosky and John Bedosky. If you have questions, … Read More

September Message From Pastor Gary “The Flame of the Spirit”

I can’t believe how fast this summer is flying by; it seemed like I just got the marigolds in the ground and found a pair of shorts that actually fit. I’ll soon need to go look for some mums and try to remember where I put my sweatshirts. For many of us, individually and as a church, not only this … Read More

Christian Education Update

Christian Education: We would like to have 2 teachers for each class so each teacher teaches every other week. If you have been a member for at least 6 months, please consider whether you can commit to teaching about 2 weeks each month. We also are looking for helpers to help teachers so that there are always two adults in … Read More

July Message From Ruth Johnson “Different Doings? Or the Same Old Thing?”

Yes, I know we don’t usually have a newsletter in August. But, between the pandemic and working to transition through this interim period, there just seems to be too much going on to leave August blank.At the risk of having you say, “I’ve heard all this before,” I want to remind us of our Relational Covenant, that passage in Colossians … Read More

June Message From Mary Butkevich “Creating a Culture of Generosity”

Several years ago, I was part of a denominational Generosity Cohort. The objective of the cohort was to dive deep into the relationship between faith and giving and to understand the meaning of a “culture of generosity.” Naturally, the first place we looked was to scripture. But does the Bible really have all that much to say about money? Simply … Read More

June Message From Pastor Gary “Serving Him Together”

Dear members and friends of the Covenant Church of Thomaston: I have enjoyed serving as your interim pastor and have appreciated the affirmation and acceptance which I have received from many of you as I seek to do my best to serve our Lord Jesus in this capacity.I have served as a pastor in this church for 12 years. I … Read More

May Message From Pastor Gary “It’s Friday – but Sunday’s A-comin’!”

don’t know about you, but I felt our church worshiped, exalted, praised, and celebrated, to the best of our abilities this Easter Season. United, we stepped up and worshiped each week as we inched closer to Holy Week. It was wonderful meeting together with so many of you each Wednesday night; one week I counted 32 people! On Maundy Thursday, … Read More

April Message From Pastor Gary “What Comes Next?”

I was recently asked, “What comes next?” What a wonderful question! Wonderful, because it means we are visualizing change happening around us. “What comes next?” means that, not only do we see and feel change, but we are also excited and curious about our next steps. When I took the position of “Interim to the Interim,” I let it be … Read More