January 2022 Message From Ken Hopkins “Taking on Transition”

The job of getting a new pastor can seem like an overwhelming job, but there are definite steps we can take to get us there. As we work our way through the process, our goal is to keep the communication lines open at every stage so that you can be sure we are moving toward the goal.

In mid-November I pulled together a Transition Team, consisting of the church officers (Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary), the Pastoral Relations Committee (which consists of the Diaconate Chair, Christian Education Chair, Missions and Evangelism Chair, Trustees Chair, and two members from the congregation), Pastor Gary Freimuth, and Pastor Ann Carr.

This group will meet regularly. Our next meetings are scheduled for January 6 and possibly January 27, 2022. In addition, we are getting advice and instruction from the East Coast Conference and have a meeting scheduled with Howard Burgoyne, the ECC Superintendent, on February 3.

The team’s immediate task will be to look at our church’s strengths and identify other areas where we could do better. This will help us determine what qualities we need for a good interim pastor to guide us through the next phase. Once than person is located, the congregation will meet him or her and will vote on whether or not to ask that person to serve with us.

Once we have an interim pastor in place, the church will assemble a separate Pastoral Search Committee. Members of this group will come from a broad spectrum of our congregation so that everyone’s needs can be considered. That committee will meet confidentially as it considers various candidates until it decides that it has someone who looks likely for us. At that time, the next step will be to invite the candidate to meet us.
If you have concerns throughout this transition time, please contact me directly (khopkins195@yahoo.com or 860 283-5031) or any member of the Transition Team. I will have a full list of the team members after our Annual Meeting on January 23.

I invite you to pray for us as we do this. Ask especially for the Holy Spirit to give us wisdom and discernment to understand where he is leading and courage to follow.

In Christ, Ken Hopkins, Church Chair

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